Let’s co-design with our European Pilots during our next Innovation Academies!

BBP Innovation academies

Who are the pilots and what is their mission?

The pilots are a team of innovation’s representatives of each alliance’s member. They define themselves as:

“We are a bunch of pragmatic and entrepreneurial colleagues on a mission to discover sustainable, corrugated based packaging solutions that will bring value to our most respected global customers.”

For them, identifying the precise issue to be solved and co-design tomorrow’s solution is one of the best ways to serve our customers.

How do they do it? By offering exclusive working sessions together with clients and cross-functional profiles (marketing, R&D, designer, production manager) and one of the partners of the European innovation eco-system.

Based a design thinking method facilitated by Board Of Innovation, the objective is to quickly prototype and to accelerate projects that are already identified or that will be soon in the pipeline.
BBP Innovation Academies

In November 2022, the Innovation Academy was hosted at H.B. Fuller’s location. Following its success, the Innovation Pilots have decided to continue this very valuable and customer-centric event and to set-up four Innovation Academies for 2022. Please save the dates below!

  • 10th and 11th Feb 2022 – topic: how to design alternative to single use plastic in the beverage industry? – France - already full
  • 5th to 7th April 2022 – topic: how to tackle e-commerce supply chain impacts? – location to be defined
  • 13th to 15th September 2022 – topic: how to identify paper-based options for your business? – location to be defined
  • 15th to 17th November 2022 – topic: how can we imagine the future of e-commerce? – location to be defined
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Origin of the European Pilots team

Since January 2021, our Chief Innovation Officer, Daphne DELEDICQ decided to create a dedicated team in order to answer global customers’ requests and to work together on key strategic packaging topics, sustainability and e-commerce.

This team gathers packaging design experts from the alliance with complementary profiles:

Most of them were already the ones trained in 2019 for FFP certification.

VPK_design team_2

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