Corex Completes acquisition of Arteche Paper in Portugal and Spain

On 20 February 2023, Corex, part of VPK Group, announced that it had entered into an agreement to acquire Arteche Paper, producer of coreboard, cores and edge protectors in the Iberian market. Corex confirmed today that the acquisition was successfully completed.

Spiral pack With the acquisition of Arteche Paper, Corex further expands its geographical footprint with a coreboard mill in Porto and five converting plants in Porto, Tolosa, Valencia and Barcelona. The integration creates a strategic, geographical axis for supplying renewable raw materials from Corex's coreboard mill in Finland through Belgium to southern France and Portugal. With the acquisition of Arteche, Corex's network now includes four paper mills and 29 processing sites.

Denis Zenner, CEO of Corex: "Now that the acquisition has been completed, we are eager to start the next chapter together with Arteche. A solid foundation of trust has been established over the past months that will only benefit Arteche's further integration within the Corex Group. We are highly motivated to work together and further strengthen our position as an integrated and reliable supplier in the Iberian market."