Impact and Creativity: VPK Group's Sustainability Report Stands Out

VPK Group has received two awards for its Sustainability Report 2023 at the Awards for Best Belgian Sustainability Reports. On November 28th, at the event organised by the Instituut van de Bedrijfsrevisoren, we secured the “Best Impact Sustainability Report Award” and the award for "Best Report in Creativity and Originality”. We are proud of this acknowledgment, which underscores our ongoing commitment to sustainability and our dedication to transparently communicating our goals and progress.

Best Impact Sustainability Report

Sustainability at our core

Sustainability is in VPK Group’s DNA, not only because of the environmentally friendly characteristics of our products — recycled paper-based packaging solutions — but also because of the mission and core values embraced by our shareholders and management. As a company with a long-term vision and strategy, we do business in a sustainable way – ecologically, economically, and socially. Our sustainability report serves as a powerful instrument to convey this message in an impactful way to our key stakeholders.

VPK Group published its first sustainability report in 2015. Every year, we strive to improve and optimise our report, both in terms of content and creativity. Our goal is to provide concise, clear, and transparent information about our sustainability efforts in an easily accessible format. 

Best Impact Sustainability Report

We are committed to providing reliable content, and to reporting on the entire value chain with comprehensive coverage across all divisions. By presenting absolute and relative figures for environmental, social, and economic performances, we facilitate industry comparisons.

Our targets, aligned with nine Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are specific, measurable, and reflect positive and challenging aspects over the years. 

The jury valued VPK Group’s short, sharp, concise, and complete report and its excellent visual presentation. It provides a fair understanding of our sustainability strategy, key topics, and ESG performance for the reporting period.
Best Report in Creativity and Originality

Most original and most creative sustainability report

Our commitment to storytelling and creativity in reporting received accolades as the jury recognised VPK Group's report as the "Most Original and Most Creative Sustainability Report." Our report was commended for its accessibility to a wide audience, even those who are not experts in the field. The clear structure, insightful graphs and illustrations and well-written texts stood out. The jury also highlighted our innovative sustainability efforts, interactive links and a user-friendly index.

By combining in-depth data with storytelling, we aim to bring content together and connect with people. We are proud that our report that not only informs, but also inspires.

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