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Whether you want to work in our busy and exciting manufacturing environments or work in one of our offices, you will play a crucial role in VPK's future.

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VPK was first established in 1935, and has never stopped expanding since. Our dynamic and challenging approach to business and our long-term view on investments allow us to confidently say that we haven’t finished growing just yet.

But we can’t achieve this without the right people. We need people who are as committed to sustainable practices and contributing to the circular economy as we are. Team players who are excited to uplift our company, and who are not afraid to speak their mind.

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At VPK, we don't want you to work for us. We want you to work together with us. Our employees' passion for the job is our company's biggest asset, because we believe that creativity and true innovation always starts from within.

There are certain company values you’ll find at VPK. We believe they help in creating a workplace where you and your colleagues are able to express yourselves, develop and pursue your career goals. Get to know the drivers of our company culture. Our own moral compass.

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